General Assembly Plenary (GA)

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GA Plenary.png

General Assembly Plenary (GA)


Chair: Kali Croke


USG: Benjamin Lee



Topic A:  Evaluating the Global Impact of Free Trade

Topic B:  Upholding the Rights of Indigenous Populations

Committee Type: Dual Delegation


Dear Delegates,

Welcome to BruinMUN 2017! I am beyond excited to kick off my last year at UCLA with a hearty dose of Model United Nations.

My name is Kali Croke, and I have the pleasure of serving as your chair for the General Assembly Plenary. I'm originally from the northern Chicago suburbs (shoutout to the Midwest) but have made the official move to Los Angeles for school and beyond. I am majoring in International Development Studies with a minor in Latin American studies and would not have found my passion for either of these subjects if it weren't for my truly life changing experience in Model UN. When I'm not making poor attempts at doing homework or preparing to serve as the incoming Chief of Staff for MUN at UCLA, I enjoy eating food, coloring, logic puzzles, and doing new things around Los Angeles.

I have been competing in and staffing Model UN conferences since my freshman year in high school. In addition to staffing BruinMUN and LAMUN – UCLA’s collegiate level conference – the past two years, this will also be my third year on the staff of the Chicago International Model United Nations conference this December.

The GA Plenary is the largest committee at BruinMUN. For some is possibly daunting; for others, likely stimulating. The typical stereotypes associated with this body - including it being slow-paced, unproductive, and partisan - and although these generalizations are not far from the actuality of the real United Nations, the dais and I will do our best to avoid such pitfalls.

That being said, the success of a committee is a two-way street. Our topics – The Global Impact of Free Trade and The Rights of Indigenous Populations – are conducive to substantive debate and resolution provided that all delegates commit to an adequate understanding of the issues and their countries’ policies. I can speak first hand that the key to success in Model UN is preparation, not only for award potential but also to ensure an engaging experience.

That being said, the dais and I look forward to meeting you all in November for a great conference. Please do not hesitate to email me with any questions!

Kali Croke | Chair

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