General Assembly Plenary (GA)

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GA Plenary.png

General Assembly Plenary (GA)


Chair: Kali Croke



Topic A:  Cyber Warfare

Topic B:  Global Water Crisis 

Committee Type: Dual Delegation


Letter from the Chair

Dear delegates,

Welcome to BruinMUN XXIV! My name is Kali Croke and I will be your chair for the massive but assuredly exciting GA Plenary.

I hail from the northern suburbs of Chicago where I have been competing in and staffing Model UN conferences since my freshman year in high school. In addition to staffing BruinMUN and LAMUN – UCLA’s collegiate level conference – last year, this will also be my second year on the staff of the Chicago International Model United Nations conference this December. Clearly Model UN has been a major part of my life for the last six years, and I assure you that this experience and passion will contribute to a smooth and successful committee for all of you.

Currently I am a sophomore at UCLA majoring in International Development Studies with a minor in Environmental Systems and Societies. When I’m not doing Model UN, you can probably find doing one of my three favorite things: eating, sleeping, and exploring the Los Angeles area as a non-native. If any locals have any recommendations on some can’t-miss cuisine or adventure, I’d love to hear it.

The GA Plenary is the largest committee at BruinMUN. I know for some is possibly daunting and others likely stimulating. I also know the typical stereotypes associated with this body, including it being slow-paced, unproductive, and partisan. Although these generalizations are not far from the actuality of the real United Nations, I can promise that as a dais we will do our best to avoid such pitfalls.

That being said, the success of a committee is a two-way street. Our topics – Cyber Warfare and the Global Water Crisis – are conducive to substantive debate and resolution provided that all delegates commit to an adequate understanding of the issues and their countries’ policies. I can speak first hand that the key to success in Model UN is preparation, not only for award potential but also to ensure an engaging experience.

The dais and I look forward to meeting you all in November for a great conference. Please do not hesitate to email me with any questions!

Kali |


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