European Environment Agency

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European Environment Agency


Chair: Joshua De Anda


USG: Aishwarya Natarajan



Topic A: Food Waste Prevention and Mitigation

Topic B: Business Interest Involvement and Lobbying in Policy

Committee Type: Single Delegation

Dear Delegates,

Welcome to BruinMUN 2017! My name is Joshua DeAnda and I am obliged to serve as your chair for the European Environmental Agency Committee of the General Assembly at this year’s conference. With the global political climate taking strides towards curtailing the ramifications of climate change, this committee will force us to critically analyze core environmental issues with even more specificity in the scope of the EU.

I am a second year at UCLA from Dallas, Texas. Outside of staffing UCLA’s Model UN conferences, I have competed with our intercollegiate MUN team. I am currently pursuing a double-major in Political Science and Communication Studies with a double-minor in Philosophy and Theater. Also, yes, I am a tree hugger and an avid lover of the Earth working with UCLA’s Healthy Campus Initiative and Residential Life to create a Food Waste program on The Hill.

The contention that follows the topic of climate change and environmental sustainability delves deep into politics, the economy, and social issues. But in BruinMUN 2017’s EEA committee, we will address two topics that can aid in the fight for a sustained Earth: Food Waste and Dirty Politics. Think of dirty politics as junk, and then we have too much food; it will be a weekend full of junk food. It’s tempting and delicious, but can cause some serious problems. Let’s find a way to fix it!

I look forward to a weekend full of healthy discourse!

Oh, and before I leave, if you need any help or clarification please do not hesitate to email me!

Joshua DeAnde | Chair

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