African Union

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African Union


Chair: Malvika Varma



Topic A: Conflict in the Congo

Topic B: Right of women and children in armed conflict

Committee Type: Single Delegation

Letter from the Chair

Greeting Delegates!

Welcome to the simulation of the African Union at Bruin Model United Nations 2016! BruinMUN serves as a wonderful platform to learn about global issues, diplomacy, public speaking, and most importantly, conflict resolution. I, Malvika Varma, am proud to serve as your chairperson alongside the wonderful members of your dais. For some background about me, I am a sophomore majoring in Business-Economics at UCLA. I grew up in the Bay Area and then moved to New Delhi, India when I was 10 years old, where I finished middle school and high school.This is my 6th year of MUNing and my first time on the staff of BruinMUN. Whether like me, this is your first time at BruinMUN or you are a veteran, we hope to make your experience as enjoyable as possible!

The two topics on the African Union agenda are:

1.     Single Conflict in Congo

2.     Protecting the Rights of Women and Child Soldiers

These topics are both highly pertinent in the 21st century, as they disrupt current global order and adversely affect the lives of millions of families not only in Africa, but across the globe. They require concise and impactful resolutions due to their multi-faceted and complex nature. The African Union serves as a key regional body in dealing with issues, and holds unique powers. For example, it recognizes its right to intervene in a country on humanitarian grounds. For years, it has served as an important bloc on an international platform and is often very influential in various global agendas due to its large size. We look forward to seeing the variety of solutions you generate and hope you enjoy debating and researching these topics as much as we did.

While this background guide will provide you with a brief introduction to the assigned topics, it should by no means encompass the scope of your research for the conference. While researching, look for credible documents such as documents by the United Nations or African Union, scholarly journals, news reports, or reports by large international non governmental organisations. Additionally, make sure that you know about the workings and operations of the African Union. On behalf of the staff, I wish you good luck for your preparations for this conference. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email any member of the staff at We look forward to meeting you in November!

Malvika Varma | Chair of African Union


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