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Arab League


Chair: Ethan Dodd



Topic A: Addressing Non-State Actors

Topic B: Diversifying Arab Economies

Committee Type: Single Delegation


Letter from the Chair  

Greetings Delegates,  

Welcome to the Arab League! My name is Ethan Dodd, and it is my pleasure to serve as your chair for this year’s BruinMUN conference.  I am a second year at UCLA, double majoring in Economics and Political Science. I am from Shingle Springs in Northern California and have lived there my entire life. Growing up I had the opportunity to travel extensively and from those experiences I developed a lasting desire to interact with international affairs. I found an outlet for my own personal interests in these topics when I became involved with MUN last year as a freshman at UCLA. As a member of MUN at UCLA, I compete on our travel team and staff our high school and college conferences.

The two topics we will be concentrating on in the Arab League at BruinMUN this year are Addressing Non-State Actors and Diversifying Arab Economies. At a time when the Middle East is so visible and central to international relations and a time of great change for Arab nations I think this committee and these topics are especially relevant. With Non-State Actors such as Daesh (Otherwise known as the Islamic State) Hamas, Hezbollah and Al Qaeda, capturing so much international attention, the Arab world and Arab nations must come together to create a comprehensive plan of action for dealing with these complex organizations. At the same time, as Climate Change continues to shape global policy, the global price of oil continues to fluctuate. Additionally, a concerted international effort by the UN and other organizations to push the adoption clean energy continues to change the energy demands of the entire world. Arab nations, the majority of whom are heavily dependent on petroleum products for revenue, must find ways to make their economies adaptable to the changing market and the unstable demand for their diminishing reserves of oil.  Both of these topics will have lasting effects on the future of Arab nations and it is the goal of this simulated committee to help not only learn about, but contribute to this ongoing discussion. 

When you are researching and considering solutions for these topics, I urge you to focus on not only the short term solution to these issues, but also the underlying connections to other key issues in the world. I hope that through this committee you will be intellectually stimulated, become a stronger researcher and critical thinker, and gain more knowledge about global problems even outside the context of MUN. Moreover, I hope you enjoy being part of BruinMUN 2016, make new friends, and create fun memories. If you have any questions throughout the course of preparing for this conference, don’t hesitate to contact me. Best of luck, and I look forward to meeting all of you!  

Best regards,   
Ethan Dodd | BruinMUN 2016



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