Thank you for participating in BruinMUN 2017!

Dear Esteemed Delegates and Advisors,

Alex Guziak, Secretary General of BruinMUN2017

Alex Guziak, Secretary General of BruinMUN2017

On behalf of Model United Nations at UCLA, I want to express my sincerest thanks to all of you for helping make BruinMUN 2017 a success. Your participation in the conference produced amazing debate and fruitful discussion, and the solutions presented across over two dozen committees were unparalleled in their depth and detail. Such a high level of debate would not have been possible without all the preparatory work put in by the attending students, as well as their teachers, parents, and advisors weeks and months in advance. Without them, this conference would not have been possible.

It is my hope that all those in attendance this weekend walked away feeling accomplished. As I sat in and observed various committee sessions, it became clear to me that the level of debate that delegates produced was exceptional. I also hope that all those in attendance grew not only as delegates on the MUN circuit, but as members of the global community as they collaborated to develop solutions to some of the world’s most pressing international challenges. Our future, represented by students like those in attendance this weekend, is undoubtedly in good hands. I wish everyone a restful week, and again my deepest thanks go out to everyone who helped make BruinMUN 2017 a success.


Best wishes,

Alex Guziak

Secretary General of BruinMUN