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Dear Esteemed Delegates, Advisors, and Friends,

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My name is Benjamin Lee, and I am honored to be serving as your Secretary General for BruinMUN 2018. On the weekend of November 3 and 4, BruinMUN 2018 will be hosting over 1,500 delegates on UCLA’s beautiful campus. Our team looks forward to hosting a diverse set of committees that will bring forth intelligent and nuanced debate. This year, we will be hosting twenty five committees, consisting of twelve general assembly committees, eight novice committees, and five crisis committees. Regardless of the level of experience, there will be a committee specifically tailored to each delegate.

BruinMUN was founded on the desire to provide a platform for students to enhance their abilities to think critically about complex issues and express their ideas. Our Secretariat hopes to continue that tradition and improve upon the educational and developmental aspects of BruinMUN. Whether drafting intricate resolutions, giving impassioned speeches on issues affecting the global community, or navigating the complexity of various crises, delegates will be developing lifelong skills and further engage with materials taught in classes.

Information regarding our conference will be posted on our website, Any inquiries or concerns regarding registration and allocations can be directed to our Director of External Relations, Helen-Sage Lee, at

Any questions regarding payment and invoicing can be directed to our Director of Finance, Prannoiy Chandran, at

Any other questions can be directed towards the Secretary General email, Please feel free to ask any any and all questions concerning the conference. Early registration will be open on June 1st.


Benjamin Lee

Secretary General, BruinMUN 2018

Model United Nations at UCLA

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